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Do you watch at least ten series a week and you have a strong desire to write about series, movies, technology, health & fitness, or everything regularly? MisterSnake is here. With now more than 500 series produced per year, the site is always looking for new contributors to make the site more lively and more complete for series and web lovers who can then find themselves in our pages and the comment section.

Do you watch a lot of series? ✔️
Do you like to write? ✔️
You have free time ? ✔️

MisterSnake is ready to open these doors to you, always looking for enthusiasts who want to write season reviews, general articles, but also portraits, lists and more.

We are open to all forms of contributions. If you just want to write an article, that’s just as possible, just write to us, we read it, we tell you what we think and if all goes well, we publish it!

If you want to try your luck to join MisterSnake , just send us:

1. An unpublished text written in good english on a series of your choice (this does not have to be a review), and possibly in the style of the site.

2. A few lines to explain what motivates you and what interests you the most. Tell us what you would like to write about, for example.

3. Specify whether or not you know how to use WordPress, the wonderful platform on which MisterSnake is located (it’s just for information)

4. All at the following address: [email protected]


Important : The activity on MisterSnake website is voluntary. 

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